About Us

Legend adventure Safaris is a company which has a well established staff who are well experienced with warm hospitality extended to visitors which has given rise to a high number of repeat tourists who can attest to the quality service that we offer.

we present Safaris in Microcosm and bring out what makes Kenya a preferred destination in the region, we unravels wealth at wildlife birdlife, culture and science beauty through over safaris.

legend adventure Safaris has a well established knowledgable staff who will professionally travel with you and show you all fascinating attractions in Kenya, you do not have to be an ornithologist to be fascinated Kenya’s one thousand odd species of birdlife or a paleontologist to go down memory lane or a entomologist to be enthralled by the huge colonies of butterflies, our guide will walk you through all these comfortably to make sure your Kenya Safari will be full of cameos that you will treasure for the rest of your life. you will not be the only one because all the visitors who have travelled with us to any destination begin their Safari here and end it here.

legend adventure Safaris is dedicated to ensure that our wildlife lives the way nature interested it preserves and protects the environment for the enjoyment of mankind and profanity.

we are confident that both your interest in and demand for Safari will be amused as you seek to discover the ageless Kenya in the pages that follow.

We cater for all Safaris. I wish to take this opportunity to invite you to spend your next holiday here in Kenya with us.