About Kenya Safaris

5 day Kenya tours
A Safari starting from Nairobi to the Tree hotel for night game viewing, the spectacular birdlife, majestic scenery of the Great Rift Valley lakes and one of Kenya’s finest game reserves – Masai Mara.

7 days Kenya safari
A tour that covers aberdare, Mt Kenya, lake Nakuru, and Masai mara.

10 days Kenya tour
A tour that affords you the views of the snow-capped dormant volcano of Mount Kenya before heading to Samburu National Reserve for a full day of game tours.

5 days Rift valley lakes
Visit Lake Nakuru for a full day of wildlife viewing with drives around the pink-covered lake, the best place to view white rhinos in Kenya.

5 days camping
Leave Nairobi in the morning from your hotel and head western to lake Nakuru for a full day of game viewing. One day trekking in Hells gate/Mt Longonot and to Masai Mara for two nights.

7 days camping tour
If you are looking for an adventure that brings you really close to the wild, camping safari is the option. Wildlife come to graze in the the camp ground at night undisturbed by your presence.

6 days Kenya birding safari
Kenya is home to over 1000 bird species. This tour includes birding in Lake Nakuru, a walk to hells gate, birding in lake Naivasha and to Masai mara.

13 days overland camping tour
A cost-sharing collection of the most famous and most frequented safari destinations in Kenya

10 days family safari
A tour for families that enjoy outdoor family activities together

3 days fly-in Kenya tours
A tour that saves you the limited time you may have and fly to Samburu, Amboseli or Masai mara for 2 nights of game viewing.

6 days fly-in safari
Fly to Samburu for 2 nights and then fly to Masai Mara for two more nights. In each of these parks you will have something special to watch.